January 28, 2023


Immune Modulation Certificate
for PostgraduateStudents Enabled by Blended Learning

IMCert is a European commission Erasmus plus Capacity Building project in the field of Higher Education action EAC/A02/2019
(Reference number: 619017-EPP-1-2020-1-EG-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP)
Project Duration:  3 years (Starting 15th January 2021 and ending 15th January 2024)

Principal Investigator:  Al-Azhar University (AZHU).

National Priorities

The relevant thematic national priorities addressed by the project: 1- ...
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Need Analysis

Our need analysis in partner institutions based on governmental documents, ...
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PROJECT COORDINATOR Al-Azhar University [AZHU] EUROPEAN PARTNERS University of Leipzig ...
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Project Info

Our project aims to development of educational and training excellence ...
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Egypt like other countries is facing special immune disorders due ...
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1-Staff members involved in immunology advanced methodologies in, Medical, Science, ...
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Project Activities

The 1st IMCert Conference
14 May 2022

The registration form of 1st IMCert Conference is no longer accepting responses.