May 30, 2024

National Priorities

The relevant thematic national priorities addressed by the project:

1- The project addresses the lack of Egyptian experience in facing special immune disorders due to climate and poor hygiene in direct connection with the socio-economic difficulties, and the  absence  of European  guidance.

2-IMCert. supports the transmission of the European experience in Egyptian  development of both academic and technical competences for both staff and postgraduates  with addressing the up grading of practical advanced training  and gaining of practical skills.

3- Curriculum development in form of  innovative, modernized IMCert. adopting  skill-based decisions; applying DeCoRe methodology; Integrating academic and technical competence at teaching, learning, and resarch building capacity; online-formats of flexible e-Tool Kit with European standers.

4-This program  propose  a solution for the absence of  innovative educational program driven by special immune disorders due to climate and poor hygiene in direct connection with the socio-economic difficulties.  Such educational program addresses understanding the underlying immune pathology and paves a way for  biotherapy  for  those diseases instead of the classical given treatments with high toxicity and high expense.

5-The proposal addresses the development of integrating innovative enabling learning tools, teaching and methodologies.

6-Also the project is concerned  with finding alternative methods of education  instead of the classical face to face  methods like on line  education with the  production of e-toolkit and encourages the on line education which is more flexible learning paths, in  blended learning.

7-Partner educational institutes are suffering of low financial resources and low capacity of the educational staff leading to inability  to prepare postgraduates to respond to challenges raised by prevalence of disease with immune disorders and high morbidity and mortality.

8-The project addresses also strategies to develop higher education in Egypt which aims, amongst other things, to modernize curricula by developing new innovative courses and methodologies.

9-The project is in line with the national state’s trends to improve and develop education through Egypt presidential announcement of 2019 as the “Year of Education”. aimed for establishment of new educational system.