May 29, 2024



TLC-blended learning labs established for E-learning and practical research competence.

TLC is the focal point for supporting teaching staff and postgraduates during and after the completion of the project. Providing access to immune modulation in the post-graduate diploma equipped with competencies that could respond successfully to the current and emerging needs of staff and students and prepare future repatriation, ensures the sustainability of the IMCert.

TLC will contain e-laboratories which will provide a direct link for students to the e-learning platform and also serve for the online continuous training support of the staff as well as the blended learning services for the needs of the professional development certificate.

 TLC will contain lab equipment needed for IMCert. technical issue.

Objectives (WP4)

  • Development of 5 TLCs of excellence, which provide a chance for building the capacity of the 5 Egyptian universities [AZHU, DMU, ASU, ASW, CU]. TLCs are fully established by m17.
  • Provide e-learning and advanced research equipment for practical competence (accommodate >2000 students/per year and educator staff; N= 300/year/5TLCs using labs too sharing in building their capacities for free).
  • Serve students, staff, technicians, and administrators along and beyond the completion of the IMCert project.
  • TLC will provide a direct link for postgraduates students to e-learning platform and also serve for the online continuous training support of the staff as well as the blended learning services for the needs of the of the professional development certificate.
  • TLC-blended learning laboratories support postgraduate and educational staff in the piloting and implementation of the immune modulation programme in WP5
  • In sustainability phase it can serve also nonacademic trainer seeking experience on the TLC Equipments.
  • TLC, increase the quality of trainings by improving the quality of instructors entering it.
  • Support targeted groups those are not only specified to immune modulation but in similar fields too.
  •   Disseminate TLC website to increased awareness of researchers with TLC and its provided equipments, also integrate the various e-toolkits of educational program developed.

Tasks (WP4)

Task 4.1: (m5-6)

  • Defining the specifications and the procedures for the purchase of equipment.
  • Defining detailed descriptions on equipment (types, software& technical characteristics) by stakeholders.
  • Call for one joined tender for purchasing.
  • Designing activity plan services for students and staff. 

Task 4.2: (m7-17)

  • Developing structure of 5 TLCs, activity plan installing of equipment, integration of quality assurance to equipment, and preparation of e-class rooms by ending of the first year.
  • Giving detailed descriptions of the TLCs, their functions, operation, services to students and staff.
  • Quality assessment of equipment. 
  • Labelling equipment with E+ stickers (to be printed beneficiaries).

Task 4.3: (m18-19)

  • Organizing local trainings for academic teaching staffs and postgraduates on e-learning class room.
  • Workshops [N=4, each for 1 day].
  • Organized by P7 (ASWU).


  • Every university will supply a secured and furnished space for teaching and learning centre.
  • Infrastructure both human and material /equipment in-place to permit planned activities.
  • Timely manner Providing of needed materials, equipment and other necessities.


  • The project coordinator with EU support will promote the establishment of TLC which will support teaching staff in the piloting and implementation of the integrated immune modulation programme in each partner institution.


Staff members/Post-graduate of scientific faculties to

• Acquire practical competence in Immune modulation techniques

• Gain ability to boost research competence and handling advanced techniques

University organization to

• Gain financial resources for establishing TLC with E-learning classrooms

• Gain financial resources for advanced equipment needed for research competence

• Provide a database of learning resources of immune modulation.

TLC of Al-Azhar University

TLC of Cairo University, National Cancer Institutes

TLC of Damanhur University