May 30, 2024

Project Info

Our project aims to development of educational and training excellence concerning immune modulation, monitoring and intervention, due to specific exposure (chemical pollution, food and water contamination, climate and poor hygiene) involved in diseases of high concern in Egypt (infections, chronic inflammation, parasitology, cancer, etc.) by establishing an interdisciplinary diploma curriculum in partnership with teams in Europe, combines building the capacity of the educator staff and postgraduate students in both academic and technical  competences at the faculties scientific background. 

1- Develop interdisciplinary, blended training program leading to post-graduate diploma of 60 ECTS in partner higher educational institutions [HEIs] focusing on immune modulation in special immune disorders due to (climate, water & food pollution and poor hygiene) of high national concern.

2-Build capacity of staff at faculties of scientific background in order to contribute to development, implementation and evaluation of immune modulation training program.

3- Support the development of the faculties of scientific background in AL-Azhar [AZHU], Ain Shams [ASU], Damanhur [DMU], Cairo [CU], and Aswan [ASWU] Universities, as partner universities to align curriculum, teach, learn and research in area of immune modulation.

4-Develop innovative teaching, learning and curriculum materials in form of an e-Tool Kit addressing immune modulation issues.

5- Establishment of a centre of excellence in each partner university for promoting education and training in immune modulation in Egypt.

6-Build capacity of postgraduates of faculties of scientific background by having access to certified professional development program delivered in each partner university.

7-Establishing long-lasting linkages with European Univ. starting with Leipzig institute [ULEI] in Germany Lorraine [UL] in France and National and Kapodistrian University Athens [NKUA] in Greece.