May 30, 2024

Project Activities& Methodology


The WP1 leads to designing and coordination of project through defining the needs and inputs of stakeholders,  situational analysis to identify gaps/barriers/drivers and framework of competences of IMCert., meetings and online communication and signing consortium agreements after the kick-off meeting.

Developing of human capacity

The WP2 will be considered with selection of educator selection committee [ESC] trained on curriculum designing by European partners and given responsibility of selection of 50 staff and planning development phase of staff and curriculum, also building capacity of community members will be addressed in this package.

Developing of IMCert curriculum

The WP3 will be concerned with development of IMCert curriculum in accordance to competence framework, leading to a postgraduate curriculum weighted to 60 ECTS, which will be validated by external evaluators and accredited by each partner country, development of IMCert. and e-Toolkit for online streaming of knowledge.

Developing of Learning Centers

Developing of 5 Teaching and Learning Centers in the partner universities containing technical and e-learning labs.

Implementation of the Program

Successfull implemintation  has to be preceeded with dissemination phase (WP7) to increase awarness of IMCert. through on line communication using official web site of project, flyers,confereces & to increase the motivation of postgraduates to join. Then in (WP5) Piloting will proceede large scale implentation for assessment of  IMCert  and arranging the enviroment

Evaluation and Monitoring

WP6 will provide QCMP for  ensuring they are acheived up to European standards from project 1st day

  • Before project implementation; evaluation of stakeholders’ expectations, competences needed and validating/accrediting the course/training modules.
  • During implementation; (formative evaluation), evaluation will be based on four key processes: 1) record; 2) reflect; 3) react and 4) review, including methods such as self-assessment, peer/external review, questionnaires etc.
  • After project implementation; (summative evaluation) involves teaching staff, students and stakeholders.


Successful dissemination phase to increase the motivation of postgraduates to join IMCert. publish the outputs of the project.                       

– Dissemination  plan.

– Project’s Website

– Organizing Conference

– Publications

– Integration of e-tool kit


WP8 which ensures management plan project is fulfilled ensuring smooth coordination, distributed leader ship, Biannual and final managerial reports and financial handlings of project coordinator ans including the following:

  • Project management and communication plans
  • Biannual progress report
  • Scheme of workshops, meetings and events
  • Conflicts, Risk mitigation plan
  • Activation of plans
  • Financial handling
  • Final report