May 30, 2024

Project management and coordination 

In WP8 of management, feasibility of whole process is secured through proper management plan ensuring smooth coordination between stakeholders & distributed leadership and responsibilities between partners and risk management plan as addressed in WP8 under AZHU leadership.

WP8 ensures management plan project is fulfilled ensuring smooth coordination, distributed leadership, Biannual and final managerial reports and financial handlings of project coordinator.

Management of project by handling financial issues and holding managerial meetings and biannual reports for coordination.

The Project Coordinator:

The Coordinator will be: heading of PMB and he will be taking all necessary actions to enable proper decision making; ensuring the smooth running of the project: monitoring project progress, communicating with EC; submitting reports, transferring payments to the participants as per the provisional budget and the actual expenses approved by the PMB.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed M. S. Farag, Ph.D. Heidelberg University

  • Prof. of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt
  • Manager of Al-Azhar University International Collaboration Office and the European Union Program for Higher Education (Erasmus+)
  • Technical Office Consultant for Al-Azhar University Vice-President for Post-graduate Studies and Research
01006704553Al-Azhar University Campus 1-Al-Mukhayaam Al-Daem Street, Nasr City, 11787 Cairo, Egypt

Project Management Board (PMB):

The PMB is the key strategic and decision-making body of IMCert., chaired by the Coordinator and composed of one representative per partner (each having one vote). Subject to the PMB will be the internal/external quality control managment team (QCMT) and A work package leader group (WPLG).

  • The Project Management Board (PMB)

Prof. Dr. Reham Hammad
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mansour Saad
Prof. Dr.  Ulrich Sack
Prof. Dr.  Rachid Solimani
Prof. Dr. Eleni Efthimiadou
Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hafez
Prof. Dr. Khaled Abo Shanab
Prof. Dr. El Hamy Tarabees
Prof. Dr. Shazly Baghdady

Work Package Leaders Group:

A Work Package Leaders Group (WPLG) will be set up. Every WPL will be responsible to organise his /or her group and develop a detailed Work Package Action Plan for his or her work package. The WPLG will consist of the leading expert of each WP. The primary responsibility of the WPLG is to coordinate the activities between WPs and monitor progress & quality of all processes and deliverables. It will be subject to PMB. Biannual activity reports will be prepared by each WP leaders reported to the WPLG and the PMB.

Project Work package leaders
Preparation / Communication (WP1)  AZUDr. Reda Sweif and Dr. Mohamed Selim
ASUProf. Dr. Nadia Hamdy
CAUProf. Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Hafez
DMUDr. Amal Attia
ASWUProf. Dr. Adel Abdelfaheem   Mohamed
Development of human capacity (WP2)AZUProf. Dr. Reham Hammad
ASUProf. Dr. Rolla Melad
CAUProf. Dr. Zeinab Korany Hassan
DMUDr. Amal Attia
ASWUDr. Yasmin Mahran
  Developing of curriculum (WP3)  AZUProf. Dr. Reham Hammad
ASUDr. Shereehan Gala
CAUProf. Dr. Nadia Al-Gandy
DMUProf. Dr. Sara Magdy
ASWUProf. Dr. Nady Kamal Aziz Gerges
Developing of  TLC (WP4)AZUDr. Mostafa Bahnasawy
ASUDr. Ahmed Abbas
CAUDr. Salma Mahmoud
DMUDr. Mohamed Abd-Alhaseeb
ASWUProf. Dr. Noura Sharkawi Abazeid
Implementation (WP5)AZUProf. Dr. Mohamed Mansour
ASUProf. Dr. Khaled Abo Shanab
CAUProf. Dr. Nadia Al-Gandy
DMUProf. Dr.  Sara Magdy
ASWUAssist. prof. Shazly Baghdady Ali Ahmed
Quality control (WP6)AZUDr. Hussam El-Ashmawy
ASUProf. Dr. Rolla Melad
CAUDr. Salma Mahmoud
DMUDr. Abd El-Aziz Zidan
ASWUProf. Dr. Nady Kamal Aziz Gerges
Dissemination & Sustainability (WP7)AZUDr. Alya Mashaal
ASUProf. Dr. Nadia Hamdy
CAUDr. Hany Kamal
DMUDr. Mohamed El-Ghazaly
ASWUProf. Dr. Ahmed M, El Otify
Project Management and Communication (WP8)AZU    Project managerial board