June 17, 2024

Online communication plan

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Communication Type Target group Goals Schedule Format Responsibility
Kickoff All project partners and managerial boards Introduce the project details to all partners Manage the partnership agreement Set expectations 8-9 March One-time event 1.       On-line Presentations and seminars 2.       Charts Statistical analysis of stakeholder survey of needs Al-Azhar University team + Project coordinator
Managerial Project managerial board + project coordinator To enable the PMB and coordinator to closely monitor the project development Share information of coming plans Check dead time of reporting   7 meetings /3 years 1.       On-line and physical meeting 2.       Biannual given Reports 3.       A web-based collaborative Wiki will be used as a key communication tool. The project formal platform is intended to foster collaboration between all partners at all levels. 4.       The IMCert. website will also be an interactive tool where all partners can easily report their activities and costs to prepare the biannual reports.   Project coordinator
Financial Project coordinator with leader of each partner and European University Transfer of money according to partnership agreement Every 6 moths Bank transfer report   Project coordinator
Formal Universities representatives Formal universities announcements On demand Formal Email of stamped reports by president and vice president of Universities Universities representatives + legal representatives
Developmental  Work package leaders Set time planed Clear issues Distribution of responsibilities Share developmental information Coordination of work Present deliverables Gather feedback Deciding next step   Twice monthly On demand 1.            On-line and physical meeting Work package leader
Team meeting in each partner and European University Team members 1.                   Identify coming steps and review previous details 2.                   Develop solutions of faced problems as single team 1-2 Weekly 1.                   Physical meeting Team leader in each University
Disseminating Stakeholders To raise awareness of stakeholders about IMCert. and its impact on education in partner Universities and Egyptian community To open channels of sharing information about the project with the stakeholders To allow the feedback process about the project through engaging the target groups and key actors in a two-way dialogue along project activities.  To open doors of collaborations with other initiatives in field of immune modulation.   Day 1 to end of 3rd year [along all project time] National: Main web page of the TLC. Social media and you tube channels Local Conferences Flayers Posters Workshops Local Radio and TV station Local newspaper and professional magazines Give lectures, and seminars     International: 2 international conferences to be held in Germany and France for publicity The IMCert. website   Damanhur University + UL (France)
Emergency Any project member 1         Finding quick solution in Emergency situations Any time Telephones Emails Project coordinator  
Finalization PMB+ All partners + stakeholders Reviewing the previous status Identifying success and failures Announcements of Project final Data Referring to lessons learned   3rd year at project end Physical Meeting Finalizing report Project coordinator Aswan University team