June 17, 2024

2.2 [N=5] interviews for selection of 50 academic staff to join training by [ESC] [m5]

Staff educators names
NO. Full Name The University The faculty Department 
 1Mona Abdelrahman Eldosoky Elbasiony Al-Azhar Medicine Clinical Pathology 
 2Fatma el zahraa abd el hakam abd el latif Al-Azhar  Pharmacology 
 3Omaima Ibrahim Abo- Elkheir Abdallah Al-Azhar Medicine Community Medicine and Occupational Medicine Department 
 4Asmaa Abd Elsalam Elmadbouly Al-Azhar Medicine Clinical Pathology 
 5Elham Ali Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Azhar Science Zoology and Entomology Dept. 
 6Hanan Fathy Abd El Aziz Ibrahim Al-Azhar Medicine Microbiology and Immunology 
 7Ahmed Mohamed Hamza Elshafei Al-Azhar Pharmacy Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 
 8Seham Kamal Ahmed Khirala Al-Azhar Medicine Microbiology and immunology 
 9Mohamed Aly Abdelkhalek Alboraie Al-Azhar Medicine Department of internal medicine 
 10Mohamed Abdelfatah Selim Al-Azhar Science Botany and Microbiology 
 11Hamdy Ahmad Taha Zayan Al-Azhar Education Curriculum and Instruction 
 12Areej Mohammad Rushdi Al-Azhar Medicine Microbiology 
13 Mostafa Ahmed Hussein Elbahnasawy Al-Azhar Science Botany and Microbiology 
 14Alya Mohammad Aly Mohammad Mashaal Al-Azhar Science Zoology and Entomology 
 15Reda AbdelAziz  Bayoumy Al-Azhar Science Botany and Microbiology 
 16Ahmed  Talaat Al-Azhar Science Bio-enviroment 
 17Ahmad Mohammad Abbas Nada Ain Shams Pharmacy Microbiology and Immunology 
 18ghadir saied el-housseiny Ain Shams Pharmacy Microbiology and Immunology 
 19Sherihan Galal AbdelHamid Ain Shams Pharmacy Biochemistry 
 20Amr Shaker Bishr Ain Shams Pharmacy Microbiology and Immunology 
 21Radwa Maher Abdel Kader El borolossy Ain Shams Pharmacy Clinical pharmacy 
 22Rania Hassan Mohamed Hassan Ain Shams Science Biochemistry 
 23Mona Alshahawey Alsayed Ghazy Ain Shams Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacy 
 24Mohamed Ahmed Aboouf Ali Ain Shams Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacy 
 25Sarah farid mohamed fahmy Ain Shams pharmacy clinical pharmacy 
 26Eman Fouad Mahmoud Sanad Ain Shams Pharmacy Biochemistry 
 27Prof Nadia Hamdy Ain Shams Pharmacy Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 
 28Sally Elfishawi Cairo University Medicine Clinical Pathology 
 29Eman Zaghloul kandeel Cairo University Medicine Clinical Pathology 
 30Reham Ali Abbass Elshimy Cairo University National Cancer Institute Clinical & Chemical Pathology 
 31Mona Sayed Abdellateif Eissa Cairo University National Cancer Institute Cancer Biology 
32 Randa Amin Osman Cairo University National Cancer Institute Clinical pathology 
 33Merhan Ahmed Anas Mahmoud Fouda Cairo University National Cancer Institute Clinical Pathology 
 34Mostafa Hamed Elberry Cairo University National Cancer Institute Cancer Biology 
 35Sarah Khaled Ibrahim Mohamed Abdullah Cairo University National Cancer Institute Clinical Pathology 
 36Dalia Moustafa El-Tanbouly Cairo University Pharmacy Pharmacology & Toxicology 
 37Shaimaa Abdalaleem Cairo University National cancer institute, Cairo university epidemiology and biostatistics 
 38Maged Wasfy Helmy Damanhour Pharmacy Pharmacology and Toxicology 
 39Asser Ibrahim Ghoneim Damanhour Pharmacy Pharmacology & Toxicology 
 40Batoul Mohamed Izzularab Damanhour Science Chemistry 
 41Doha Mohammad Beltagy Hassan Damanhour Science Chemistry 
 42Mohammad M Abd-Alhaseeb Damanhour Pharmacy Pharmacology and Toxicology 
 43Hisham Ahmed Nematalla Damanhour Faculty of Pharmacy Pharmacology & Therapeutics 
 44Tarek Mahmoud Khalil Ibrahem Okda Damanhour Pharmacy Biochemistry 
 45Shaimaa Sayed Abdelrheem Ali Aswan Medicine Public health 
 46Abdallah Mahmoud Abdallah Ali Elebidi Aswan Medicine Medical Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 
 47Amal Hassan Ali Hassan Aswan Medicine Microbiology and immunology 
 48Hoda Soltan Sherkawy el bakry Aswan Medicine biochemistry 
 49Mohamed Mostafa Amin Aswan Medicine Microbiology and Immunology 
 50Marwa Ahmed Abdelhamed Aswan Medicine Internal medicine 
 51Rasha Mohamed Samir Said Aswan faculty of medicine pathology 
Selection of staff educators members from various Egyptian universities to join IMCert

Under the auspices of his virtue of Professor Dr. Mohamed Al–Mahrasawy… President of Al-Azhar University, Care, follow – up and supervision of Professor Dr. Mahmoud Siddique… Vice-President of Al-Azhar University for postgraduate Studies and Research, coordination of Professor Dr. Yasser Helmy. Director of International and Scientific Excellence office at Al – Azhar University, Dr. Mohammad Mansour Saad… The head of the International Cooperation Office and the European Union programs at Al-Azhar University and the general coordinator of the project, Dr. Reham Hamad… Member of the International Cooperation Office, responsible for the efficiency upgrade program of the project, and Dr. Alya Mashaal… Member of the project team at Al-Azhar University and responsible for the dissemination of the project.

The interview phase required to complete the nomination process for the selection of teaching staff from Egyptian universities participating in the International Project, which included the University of Al-Azhar, Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Aswan University, and the University of Damnhur, has ended as a prelude to the practical training required for the preparation of courses and teaching on the immunology curriculum.

Professor Dr. Mahmoud Siddique… The Vice-President of Al-Azhar University referred to the importance of the international project, its various applications, and its impact on the individual and society. This project is one of the most important projects that the University has received, which is concerned with immune changes in the context of various epidemiological developments, most recently the new Krona virus. In view of the challenges facing the world at large with regard to various pathogens and their relationship to the immune system, he has made it clear that this international project will establish an international program of immune changes in the context of environmental changes.

He added that a selection committee had been set up and selected from all Egyptian universities participating in the project to select the masters of the teaching staff, which included both Dr. Mohamed Mansour Saad… The head of the International Cooperation Office and the European Union programs at Al – Azhar University and the general coordinator of the project, Dr. Reham Hamad… Member of the International Cooperation Office at Al-Azhar University, responsible for the efficiency upgrade program, Professor Dr. Nady Girgis … Director of the Aswan University Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center, Professor Dr. Nadia Hamdy… Professor and Head, Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Ein Shams University, Professor Dr. Zainab Qurni… Professor of Viruses and Immunology at the National Oncology Institute, Cairo University, Professor Dr. Sarah Magdy… Professor and Head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Damnhor. He confirmed that 50 members of the faculty from Egyptian universities had been selected to join the project’s activities in the coming period, which included practical training, theoretical workshops, and the preparation of courses on the curriculum for immune changes.

Affirmed that the main objective of this selection is to train the teaching staff of Egyptian universities in modern and advanced techniques, which will help to promote scientific research in the field of immune changes, as well as to improve the quality of the output of study programs, develop them and link them to the labor market, thereby contributing to building the integrated personality of students, and supporting the discovery and refinement of their abilities and talents in various scientific fields. The development of higher education strategies in Egypt and the modernization of curricula through the development of new innovative courses and methodologies are also in line with the national approach to health and scientific research. This is reflected in several State-sponsored programs aimed at developing health services in the future, including the basic healthcare program. This is also consistent with the Egyptian State’s plan for sustainable development goals with regard to good health and quality education 2030.

He concluded that all the work of the project was sponsored with dignity by the virtue of Professor Dr. Mohamed Hussein Al-Mahrasawy, President of the University, who had always provided continued support for the representation of the University at all international and local levels and had overcome all the difficulties in order for the University of Al-Azhar to achieve its mission and objectives in order to be at the forefront of global and local universities. The University of Al-Azhar, in the hands of its leaders and children, has long looked to the world in all outstanding scientific and applied fields.