June 17, 2024

“Practical Workshops; Development of human competencies”

WP 2.4: Development of human competencies workshop

Participants: 50 (from 5 Universities), 2 groups.

Training 50 potential staff educators on hands-on practical issues in competencies of immune modulation under supervision of members of educator selection committee and European partners France [ULEI], Germany [UL], Athens [NKUA], with the active involvement of Cairo University [CU]; as they are responsible for Performing practical competences, their tools and technical training of staff educators for advanced approaches of immune modulation.

IMCert. supports the transmission of the European experience in Egyptian development of both academic and technical competencies for both staff and postgraduates

Objectives: At the end of the workshop the participants will be able to address the upgrading of practical advanced training and gaining of practical skills.

Academic staff training will deliver the gained knowledge to their universities.

This deliverable will report to the number of practical workshops concerning IMCert. technical principles and

methodologies in the partner countries.

1- Western blot technique
2- Elisa and Tissue culture technique.
3- Nucleic acid extraction conventional and Real time PCR technique.
4- Sequencing technique.
5- Flow cytometry technique.

Courses Group A

2nd Flow cytometry Workshop

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