June 17, 2024

Quality control & monitoring and evaluation strategic plan

WP6 will result in the delivery of all of general and specific objectives 1-7 of the project with quality and That the project meets the academic, technical, and professional needs and European standards.

QCMT will be responsible for developing Quality control and monitoring plan [QCMP] and progress reports. Organise the peer-reviewing of all syllabi and course modules in the partner universities’ faculties. Inspect the installation of the equipment in the partner institutions.

The QCMP defines

1.The quality expectations for project deliverables (outcomes and outputs)

2.The responsibilities of the project partners regarding those deliverables.

3.The internal monitoring and quality management of project and equipments installed inTLC

4.The content, format, review and approval process of the project deliverables.

5.The internal quality control and monitoring, participation of top administrative staff, including staff functioning within the internal institutional accreditation bodies will be included

6.The guidelines for adequate implementation and thereby assure that certain quality standards in the performance of our tasks are fulfilled.

7. Defines the quality requirements that must be obtained throughout the project lifecycle.


– Internal and external evaluators have competences to make the job accomplished.

-Transparency in self-evaluation to persuade perfection.

– Quality assurance reports are collected in timely manner.

-Assessment is carried out along the whole project levels from kick off meeting.

This WP will be carried out to:

1- Ensure the quality of the project as a whole.

2- Ensure the quality of the various activities and out comes including TLC development, as well as to evaluate it.

3- Provide self and external assessment and evaluation which will increase the quality of project activities and outputs and measures to provide knowledge about what extent the partners reached the short-term project goals and results.

Quality Assurance Plan