June 17, 2024

Small scale

Small scale implementation is necessary to run a few pilot courses before full scale implementation by piloting a 2-3 courses to give chance for evaluation assessment of integrated modules.

Based on the pilot assessment, proper interventions to enhance content and methods will be applied to integrated IMCert curricula. This will pave the road for the next activity that is the full implementation of the programme.

50 Egyptians staff will apply the professional development course curriculum.

The training will be enabled through blended learning methodologies.

This WP led by P1 starts with a pilot implementation of 2-3 IMCert courses in AL-Azhar university with the support from EU partners and assisted by key experts among the partner universities.

Small piloting involving 40- 50 postgraduate students.

Implementing the Immune modulation Diploma Programme

Implementation enabling postgraduates to study immune modulation in modernized way will be feasible after accreditation of IMCert.
Program and small scale piloting leading to evidence based evaluation before large scale implementation, increasing both their academic and technical competences. Having access to a certified professional program delivered in each partner university.

Impact: Qualified postgraduate with immune modulation diploma.