June 17, 2024

Stakeholders: surveys and mapping of needs

Questionnaire Target group: Staff educators, Postgraduate of Scientific Faculties, and Community.

Questionnaire objective: measuring interest in joining immune modulation certificate.

The results of stakeholders’ surveys have been represented according to which the framework of competencies will be performed and a number of questionnaires responders.

Community members

Stakeholders Surveys; Community Survey’s Responses: المحافظة التابع لها المشتركين بالاستبيان          يعمل النوم المنتظم على ...


Stakeholders Surveys; Postgraduates Survey’s Responses: Do you understand what immunomodulation stands for? How do you ...

Academic staff

Stakeholders Surveys; Academic Staff Survey’s Responses Their previous experience in immunology tools was as comingRegarding ...