June 16, 2024

Project Managerial Bodies and Work Package Leaders

Project committee election:

The Project Management Board (PMB)

  • Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mansour Saad
  • Prof. Dr. Reham Hammad
  • Prof. Dr.  Ulrich Sack
  • Prof. Dr.  Rachid Solimani
  •  Prof. Dr. Eleni Efthimiadou
  • Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hafez
  • Prof. Dr. Khaled Abo Shanab
  • Prof. Dr. El Hamy Tarabees
  • Prof. Dr. Shazly Baghdady

The Project Work package leaders (WPs Leaders)

 Preparation / Communication (WP1)    AZUDr. Reda Sweif and Dr. Mohamed Selim
ASUProf. Dr. Nadia Hamdy
CAUProf. Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Hafez
DMUDr. Amal Attia
ASWUProf. Dr. Adel Abdelfaheem   Mohamed
Development of human capacity (WP2)AZUProf. Dr. Reham Hammad
ASUProf. Dr. Rolla Melad
CAUProf. Dr. Zeinab Korany Hassan
DMUDr. Amal Attia
ASWUDr. Yasmin Mahran
   Developing of curriculum (WP3)  AZUProf. Dr. Reham Hammad
ASUDr. Shereehan Gala
CAUProf. Dr. Nadia Al-Gandy
DMUProf. Dr. Sara Magdy
ASWUProf. Dr. Nady Kamal Aziz Gerges
Developing of  TLC (WP4)AZUDr. Hussam El-Ashmawy
Dr. Mostafa Bahnasawy
ASUDr. Ahmed Abbas
CAUDr. Salma Mahmoud
DMUDr. Mohamed Abd-Alhaseeb
ASWUProf. Dr. Noura Sharkawi Abazeid
Implementation (WP5)AZUProf. Dr. Mohamed Mansour
ASUProf. Dr. Khaled Abo Shanab
CAUProf. Dr. Nadia Al-Gandy
DMUProf. Dr.  Sara Magdy
ASWUAssist. prof. Shazly Baghdady Ali Ahmed
Quality control (WP6)AZUDr. Hussam El-Ashmawy
ASUProf. Dr. Rolla Melad
CAUDr. Salma Mahmoud
DMUDr. Abd El-Aziz Zidan
ASWUProf. Dr. Nady Kamal Aziz Gerges
Dissemination & Sustainability (WP7)AZUDr. Alya Mashaal
ASUProf. Dr. Nadia Hamdy
CAUDr. Hany Kamal
DMUDr. Mohamed El-Ghazaly
ASWUProf. Dr. Ahmed M, El Otify
Project Management and Communication (WP8) Project managerial board