June 17, 2024

Stakeholders: surveys and mapping of needs

Questionnaire Target group: Staff educators, Postgraduate of Scientific Faculties, and Community.

Questionnaire objective: measuring interest in joining immune modulation certificate.

The results of stakeholders’ surveys have been represented according to which the framework of competencies will be performed and a number of questionnaires responders.

Community members

Stakeholders Surveys; Community Survey’s Responses: المحافظة التابع لها المشتركين بالاستبيان          يعمل النوم المنتظم على ...


Stakeholders Surveys; Postgraduates Survey’s Responses: Do you understand what immunomodulation stands for? How do you ...

Academic staff

Stakeholders Surveys; Academic Staff Survey’s Responses Their previous experience in immunology tools was as comingRegarding ...

Stakeholders’ surveys and mapping of needs

1-Staff educator in partner country institutions
2- Postgraduate students with a scientific background.
3-Technicians addressed by workshops
4- Community members
5-Universities organizations
a) Universities will acquire capacity in developing blended curricula in advanced technology techniques
b) IMCert will Provide a Database of learning resources of IMCert

IMCert. need analysis

IMCert. need analysis in partner institutions based on governmental documents, publications, and discussions with experts’ key stakeholders including; deficiency of training of staff to design, develop and implement IMCert. Curriculum, low awareness of postgraduates in the interest of learning immune modulation issues addressing socio-economic problems, need for a center of excellence with advanced equipment for technical capacity building and E-learning classrooms, and Poor connection with European channels taking lead in this field.

In order to tackle the mentioned needs, universities have to bridge the gaps between academia and socio-economic problems in the community, so IMCert. has been proposed to build up an innovative training program of 1-year diploma program enabled through blended learning.

The partner institutions in Egypt involved in IMCert., are situated in different geographical areas [Damanhur, Aswan, and Cairo] almost covering all of Egypt in order to spread the knowledge proposed.

European support

The reasons why European support is required in all partner institution
1 – European teams have long experience in the Capacity building through setting up in educational programs designing
2. Egypt universities will certainly benefit from International cooperation to gain experience in immune modulation, monitoring, and intervention fields.
3. We believe it would be critical to teaching the teachers, benefiting EU schemes in the development of staff capacity in advanced equipment. This would also aid in boosting research in the immune modulation field.
4. Getting EU support would certainly guarantee the high standard quality of our program and make the attractive promotion of the IMCert program to reach postgraduate to increase their awareness of immune modulation.
5-Collaboration with European universities will bring strong support in cell analysis and immune-monitoring expertise from labs with high experience.
6- German partner is strongly engaged in cell analysis quality assurance and accreditation under European standards and Iso 15189.
7-French partner has great experience in teaching toxico-cell analysis in Europe and North Africa 6-Greek partner has high advanced technical experience.